Birth Defect
 Cleft Lip and Palate
 Hypospadias, epispadias (abnormal urinary opening)
 Ectopia vesicae
 Syndactyly (joined fingers)
 Polydactyly (extra fingers)
 Absent vagina
 Inability to raise upper lid fully (ptosis)
 Facial paralysis
 Tumor of blood vessels ( vascular malformations)
 Tilting of neck to one side (congenital torticollis)
 Branchial cysts and sinus
 Thyroglossal cyst and sinus
 Craniofacial Surgery
Genital Surgery

 Sex change surgery / Female to male / Male to female
 Masculine looking female external genitalia
 Hymen reconstruction / Hymenoplasty / Hymen repair
 Penile curvatures (Peyronie’s disease)
 Lax vaginal opening
 Enlarged labia
 Female genital rejuvenation
 Penile girth enhancement
 Vulval adhesions
Cosmetic surgery

 Injury scars / Scar Revision
 Chicken-pox marks
 Acne scars / Dermabrasion
 Nose surgery for deviated, depressed, broad, humped noses (Rhinoplasty)
 Enlarged male breasts / Gynecomastia / Man Boobs
  Breast Augmentation with silicone implants
 Breast fat injection / Lipo-filling / Fat fill
 Breast Reduction
 Axillary breasts
 Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
 Belt lipectomy
 Sagging skin following weight loss
 Chin surgery / Genioplasty
 Flaring jaw angles
 Baggy Eyelids / Blepharoplaty
 Sagging of facial skin / Face Lift
 Sunken cheeks
 Dimple creation
 Wrinkled forehead
 Bulging abdomen
 White patches / leukoderma / Vitiligo
 Thick lips / Thin Lips
 Split ear lobules / ear lobe repair
 Buccal Fat Excision
 Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
 Forehead Lift / Eyebrow Lift
 Retracted Nipple / Enlarge Nipple
 Tattoo Removal
 Tissue Expansion
 Prominent ears / Bat Ear

 Joining cut body parts like thumb, fingers, hand and penis (Replantation)
 Reversal of vasectomy and tubectomy
 Brachial plexus repairs
Skin related surgery

 Removal of warts, skin tags molluscum,corns etc
 Excessive pigmentation on face / chloasma / Melasma
 Cysts, tumors of skin
 Basal cell cancers
 Cholesterol deposit on eyelids / Xanthelesma
 Black hairy nevus
Burn related surgeries

 Burn scars
 Inability to open joints fully (Contractures)
 Thickening of burn scar ( hypertrophy)
 Reconstruction of destroyed body parts eg nose,lips,ear, eyebrow etc.
 Postburn white patches
Reconstruction of body parts

 Nose,lips,ear ,cheek etc.
 Reconstruction of jaw bones (mandible)
 Breast reconstruction
 Penis reconstruction
Maxillo-facial surgery

 Fractures of facial bones
 Deformities due to old trauma
 TMJ ankylosis
Hand surgery

 Nail, finger and hand injuries
 Deformities due to trauma and burn
 Nerve ,tendon and vascular repairs
 Tendon transfers for injuries
 Thumb reconstruction
 Club hand
Occulo-plastic surgery

 Inability to raise upper eyelids fully ( Ptosis)
 Reconstruction of eyelids
 Tumors of eyelids
 Pulled eyelids (Ectropion)
 Sunken eyeball (enophthalmos)
 Tumors of orbit
 Inability to close eyelids fully ( lagophthalmos)

 Nonhealing wounds
 Ingrowing toe nail
 Filariasis of penis, scrotum and lower limbs
 Inability to open mouth due to masala chewing (Submucous fibrosis)
 Facial paralysis

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